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First Impressions: Perks, Quirks and Jerks

First Impressions: Perks, Quirks and Jerks

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Explore the mysterious and sometimes ridiculous world behind dental office doors with Joy Moore, a certified dental assistant with nearly three decades of experience in the field. In this funny and enlightening journey through dentistry, she reveals the humorous stories of patients, the Rule of Five, and the often-overlooked, unusual side of dental interviews that many never knew existed.
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About the book

First Impressions: Perks, Quirks and Jerks - Dental Life Behind the Maskby Joy Moore with her razor sharp wit, takes readers on an intriguing behind-the-scenes journey into the world of dentistry, as seen from the eyes of a 30 year seasoned dental assistant.Welcome to the chaotic yet captivating world of dental care where Moore, gives you an exclusive backstage pass to the good, the bad, the downright bizarre and often-misunderstood dental office. Candidly pennedFirst Impressions, gives you a funny, honest, and insightful peek into, the hilarious and often surprising interactions with her patients and colleagues. From the peculiar office relationships to the never-before-told secrets of dental interviews and unusual behaviors, to heartwarming moments that unfold behind the closed doors of dental offices.First Impressionsshowcases the great, quirky, and sometimes irritable characters that fill the dentist's chair. For anyone who has ever opened their mouth wide under the glare of that bright, dentist's lamp, this engaging and enlightening journey will leave you with a smile that lasts long after you have turned the final page. As we weave our way through each chapter to unearth the “Rule of Five” and expose the perks, and the jerks that exist in the dental world.“We're not just about drilling and filling; we have stories too.”So grab your dental floss, put on your protective eyewear, and prepare to be immersed in the remarkable world of dentistry. With each turn of the page, you'll find yourself grinning and nodding in agreement, as First Impressions transcends profession and speaks to the common human experiences that unite us all.

About the Author

Joy Moore, a native West Texan, began her journey as a certified dental assistant in 1990 while residing in Washington State. In addition to her passion for dentistry, Joy has a myriad of interest that reflect her vibrant and creative spirit. Whether its watercolor painting, fishing, kayaking, sewing, reading, writing, gardening, going on adventures, or baking, Joy possesses a zest for life that is contagious and inspiring. Equally important to her are the ties she has to her community; she is an active participant in community service, always looking for ways to give back and make a positive impact. With over three decades of experience as a dedicated clinician, including over nine years specializing in prosthodontics care, Joy is known for her jovial personality and exceptional skills. Her patients always feel at ease in her presence and establish a trust that lasts long after their appointments. Now residing in Florida since 1996 with her husband, Chuck, and their son, Dallas, Joy has made the sun-kissed shores her home. She continues to explore her passions, both in her professional and personal life. And now, she embarks on a new journey: that of an author. Pouring the same care and dedication into her writing as she does into her dental career. Joy hopes to inspire, educate, and connect with readers through her memoir, just as she has done with her patients all these years.